Custom 4x6 Size Upgrade

  • Upgrade to Unlimited Printing 
  • Upgrade from 2x6 to 4x6 
  • Upgrade Prop Box 
  • Upgrade to Deluxe Memory Book
  • Upgrade to USB
  • ​Upgrade to 2 Photo Booths
  • 6ft x 8ft White Brick Wall 
  • ​6ft x 7ft White Damask 
  • ​6ft x 7ft Solid Color “Cream” 
  • ​6ft x 7ft Solid Color “Stone” 
  • 8ft x 14ft Solid "White"
  • ​8ft x 10ft Smooth Brown Texture
  • ​6ft x 6ft White Wainscot 
  • 7ft x 9ft Writable Chalkboard ​
  • ​8ft x 10ft Silver Glitz Sequin
  • 6ft x 5ft Light Blue Snow Flakes
  • ​7ft x 5ft Blue Grunge Linen
  • 7ft x 5ft Vintage Floral
  • 7ft x 5ft Dark Pine Wood
  • 7ft x 5ft Grey Pine Wood
  • 8ft x 6ft Silver Holiday Lights / Snow Flakes
  • 5ft x 6ft Light Blue Star Design
  • 7ft x 5ft Summer Beach
  • 7ft x 5ft Burlap Texture
  • 5ft x 6ft Shabby White Ornate Old Carved Wood
  • 5ft x 5ft Cream Blush Damask
  • 5ft x 5ft Vintage Wall Paper (blues / teals)
  • 6ft x 6ft Falling Leaves
  • 7ft x 5ft White Titanium Cloth
  • 7ft x 5ft Black Titanium Cloth
  • 7ft x 4ft Textured Cream Floral Cloth
  • 7ft x 4ft Lime / Yellow with Silver Rings Cloth
  • 7ft x 5ft Green Screen  ​ 

Open Booth Backdrop Options

​(No Additional Charge for Open Photo Booths



(Additional Charges Apply)

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Custom 2x6 Photo Strip Templates

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