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Custom 2x6 Photo Strip Templates

(No Additional Charge)

Open Booth Backdrop Options

​(No Additional Charge for Open Photo Booths)



(Additional Charges Apply)

We have hundreds of photo strips designs for you to look through and consider.  We will customize each design to fit your taste and style.   

Custom 4x6 Size Upgrade

  • Upgrade to Unlimited Printing 
  • Upgrade from 2x6 to 4x6 
  • Upgrade Prop Box  / Themed Props
  • Upgrade to Deluxe Memory Book
  • Upgrade to USB / CD
  • Red Carpet / Red Ropes
  • 6ft x 8ft White Brick Wall 
  • ​6ft x 7ft White Damask 
  • ​6ft x 7ft Solid Color “Cream” 
  • ​6ft x 7ft Solid Color “Stone” 
  • 8ft x 14ft Solid "White"
  • ​8ft x 10ft Smooth Brown Texture
  • ​6ft x 6ft White Wainscot 
  • 7ft x 9ft Writable Chalkboard ​
  • ​8ft x 10ft Silver Glitz Sequin
  • 6ft x 5ft Light Blue Snow Flakes
  • ​6ft x 5ft Gold Bokeh
  • ​7ft x 5ft Blue Grunge Linen
  • 7ft x 5ft Vintage Floral
  • 7ft x 5ft Dark Pine Wood
  • 7ft x 5ft Grey Pine Wood
  • 8ft x 6ft Silver Holiday Lights / Snow Flakes
  • 5ft x 6ft Light Blue Star Design
  • 7ft x 5ft Summer Beach
  • 7ft x 5ft Burlap Texture
  • 5ft x 6ft Shabby White Ornate Old Carved Wood
  • 5ft x 5ft Cream Blush Damask
  • 5ft x 5ft Vintage Wall Paper (blues / teals)
  • 6ft x 6ft Falling Leaves
  • 7ft x 5ft White Titanium Cloth
  • 7ft x 5ft Black Titanium Cloth
  • 7ft x 4ft Textured Cream Floral Cloth
  • 7ft x 4ft Lime / Yellow with Silver Rings Cloth
  • 7ft x 5ft Green Screen
  • 7ft X 4ft Sequins (Gold, Silver, Black, Red, Teal
  • Champaign, BlushFuchsia, Pink) 
  • Denim
  • Lace
  • ​Gold Fabrics
  •  ​